Nordic Docs end Sunday 11th May

Another three docs to round off my festival:

Det Røde Eplet – Vanja Larsen/Fredrik Nielsen

Great observational doco on the junkies and former junkies that are attached to the street-mag “=Fredrikstad”. Very effectively presented in Black and White – a great insight into the struggles of people caught in the heroin subculture.

Det røde eplet_clip_image002


Forest of the Dancing Spirits -  Linda Västrik

Amazing Anthropological footage from the life in a pygmy village in the Congo 2004-12.

Forest of the dancing spirits_clip_image002


No Word For Worry – Runar Jarle Wiik

Well presented and beautifully shot doco on the last of the Moken – a people that live on boats around the islands on the Thai/Burma border.

No word for worry_clip_image002



It has been great to immerse myself in documentaries for a few days and to meet some Norwegian doco makers and hear how they produce and fund docos here. Here are some of the interesting people that I met and intend to stay in contact with:

Runar Jarle Wiik -

Ellen Astri Lundby -

Maida Hals -