“Knud Bull: A Black Sheep” documentary research

The process of preproduction for Knud Bull: A Black Sheep (working title) has already been going for a few years since I came across the story. Part of my reason for the visit to Norway is to do some more research on the subject as well as to identify and contact the resources/funding bodies here that might help bring the story to screen.

George IIIKnud Bull: “The Wreck of the George III”(1850)

The Nordic Docs festival was a good introduction into the documentary scene in Norway and gave me a few contacts that I will pursue. Today I have also sent mails to The Norwegian Bank (Norges Bank) and author of the Knud Bull biography “Straffen” Ragnar Kvam Jr – requesting meetings to discuss the project. I am also looking forward to catching up with Jo Raknes who will give me introductions to the commissioning editors at NRK – the Norwegian ABC.

At this stage I am also looking at a quick trip to Bergen next week if I can set up some meetings there. – So all in all it is getting pretty busy and I am not yet a week in the country!


Nordic Docs end Sunday 11th May

Another three docs to round off my festival:

Det Røde Eplet – Vanja Larsen/Fredrik Nielsen

Great observational doco on the junkies and former junkies that are attached to the street-mag “=Fredrikstad”. Very effectively presented in Black and White – a great insight into the struggles of people caught in the heroin subculture.

Det røde eplet_clip_image002


Forest of the Dancing Spirits -  Linda Västrik

Amazing Anthropological footage from the life in a pygmy village in the Congo 2004-12.

Forest of the dancing spirits_clip_image002


No Word For Worry – Runar Jarle Wiik

Well presented and beautifully shot doco on the last of the Moken – a people that live on boats around the islands on the Thai/Burma border.

No word for worry_clip_image002



It has been great to immerse myself in documentaries for a few days and to meet some Norwegian doco makers and hear how they produce and fund docos here. Here are some of the interesting people that I met and intend to stay in contact with:

Runar Jarle Wiik - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0927916/

Ellen Astri Lundby - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2851422/

Maida Hals - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6175259/

At Nordic Docs Sunday 11th May 2014

Just saw an absolutely stunningly beautiful film “Efter Dig”

efter dig


One of the joys of documentary at festivals is the scope for storytelling outside of the broadcast box. In the planning stages of my documentary it is easy to constantly consider what will appeal to the funding bodies in terms of content and style. There is so much more than this. The Masterclass yesterday with Jørgen Leth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%B8rgen_Leth) was an insight into the kind of filmmaker that has inspired the likes of Lars Von Trier and a reminder that the pioneers that we read about in film studies were both brave and uncompromising. I need to see this:

the 5 obstructions